Estimated Budgets


These are estimated costs that students will have to support for everyday life in Ho Chi Minh. Some expenses are subject to change!


Dormitory of VNU-HCMC: from 140.000 VND to 600.000 VND/student/month (2 students/room to 8 students/room)

A studio: from 3.000.000 VND to 7.000.000 VND

Room in a shared flat: 6.000.000 VND to 10.000.000 VND

Private residence: 8.000.000 VND to 20.000.000 VND

As to the detailed registration procedure, Mr. DO Anh Duy ( will assist you in completing it.

Other expenses

Monthly electricity, gas, water, internet and telephone bill: 300.000 VND on average

City transport

Bus: 3.000 VND (student price) for 1 ticket, around 300.000 VND per month.

Motorbike monthly subscription: ~ 1.500.000 VND

The technological vehicles (Grab, Gojek) are available.


About 2.500.000 VND per month

Lunch at the university cafeteria: ~ 30.000 VND/meal

Dinner at a small local restaurant: ~ 50.000 VND/meal

1 Pho or Bun Bo (Noddle soup): ~ 40.000 VND

1 baguette: ~ 10.000 VND


Swimming pool: ~ 50.000 VND/ticket

Cinema ticket (student price): ~ 50.000 VND/ticket