Learning Environment

The outcome: knowledge, skills, hands-on experience and connections for life. The campus: Linh Xuân, the commodious place to pursue your academic career. The promise: academic faculties and student organizations recognized their students’ talent  and ablilities via in and out class activities.

An open environment

Students experience an open, friendly study environment with lecturers. Lecturers encourage a collaborative approach in class where students are respected và their opinions valued by experienced peers. This approach inspires students and lecturers to give the best solution in each case study.

Independent study

A part of the learning process takes place outside the classroom as students read and discuss the course material with each other. Students are trained to efficiently assess large amounts of information. Study techniques are taught in the classroom and also by study advisors and through workshops.

Group work
Group work is common for many of our degree programmes. The goal is for students to practise teamwork in small groups, and also to develop problem solving and leadership skills. Group work is an important aspect to the learning experience in order to simulate the real dynamics of an international work place.


Case studies and guest speakers
The teaching methods used focus on the critical analysis of the course content with the use of real case studies wherever possible. Guest lecturers and speakers from business, government and research regularly feature as part of the curriculum to further connect studies to the professional world. 

Research university setting

Education is closely aligned to current research, often drawing on the interdisciplinary research approach. Besides subjects supporting research methods, students also participate in the workshop of scientific research to bring new ideas and innovations.


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